See the status of your vercel deployments on the pimoroni blinkt!

build test lint release



Note: Normally all 8 LEDs would be lit up but I only have 6 projects on vercel so only 6 are lit up.

Setup your own version

Setting up verpi for yourself is very simple! Just follow the instructions below. If you have any problems please make an issue on this repo.

Getting the parts

Install the pimoroni blinkt

To install the pimoroni blinkt simply set it on the GPIO headers. The correct way round is where it has curves on the top that match the corners of your Raspberry Pi.

Flash an image

To flash an operating system to the micro sd card please use the Raspberry Pi Imager program. You only need Raspberry Pi OS Lite for verpi to operate (with some dependencies installed later).

Headless boot

So you can ssh to the pi on boot please follow this tutorial for setting up the raspberry pi headless. It should only take a few seconds to do as you only need to make two small files.

Headless Raspberry Pi Tutorial.

Installing the needed deps

Before actually installing verpi you need a few deps installed. Please run the following terminal command on your raspberry pi:

sudo apt -yq update && sudo apt -yq upgrade && sudo apt install -yq wiringpi git wget

Creating a token

  1. Create a token on vercel’s token page with a name of verpi.
  2. Copy the token to your clipboard.
  3. On the raspberry pi add a file to ~/.config/verpi/ called conf.toml.
  4. Add the following to that file, replacing <TOKEN> with your token.

<div class="highlight highlight-source-toml position-relative" data-snippet-clipboard-copy-content="token = ""

token = "<TOKEN>"