A platform that allows the viewing and management of 3d printing related projects and assets


Many of us hoard a tone of STL’s from public sites, patreon and so forth. Keeping a tidy library easy to access and search proved difficult (at least for me).


The main goal is to achieve a self-hostable platform that work on top of the organization you already have, allowing you to have a nice overview of what you have collected so far.

Demo website


Home page with filter by project name and tags


Project Image galery


3DView allows you to view multiple models of the project at once with zoom and pan controls


Slice files with print details


Edit page


How to use

  • Download the latest release for your platform
  • Edit the config.toml
    • Change the library_path to the folder where you keep your stls
  • Run the binary files
  • Navigate to http://localhost:8000/projects on your browser
  • Since you don’t have initialized projects please toggle the initialized button and the projects should start to appear.
  • Enter the project
    • Go to edit and save the projects to initialize it.
  • Have fun.
  • When something blows up please contact me on discord 🙂


port = 8000 # port to run the server on
library_path = "/library" # path to the stl library
max_render_workers = 5 # max number of workers to render the 3d model images in parallel shouldn't exceed the number of cpu cores
file_blacklist = [".potato",".example"] # list of files to ignore when searching for stl and assets files in the library_path
model_render_color = "#167DF0" # color to render the 3d model
model_background_color =  "#FFFFFF" # color to render the 3d model background


version: "3.6"
    container_name: stlib
      - ./library:/library
      - ./config.toml:/app/config.toml #if you want to change the config
      - 8000:8000
    restart: unless-stopped


Discord Shield

Join discord if you need any support

TODO Features

  • Facelift
  • Add klipper integration to send jobs to the printer
  • Add support for other slice formats
  • Add support for other slicers
  • Add detail to the slice view
  • Allow project creation and file upload
  • Allow slice upload directly from the slicer
  • Discover other files in the filesystem
  • Improve the 3DView
  • Allow model upload
  • Show slice settings (print time, speed, material)
  • Discover slice files in the filesystem
  • Allow default project image definition
  • Discover images in the library
  • Find projects in the filesystem
  • Render a static image of the models
  • Allow edition of the projects
  • Allow search by tags
  • Allow search by project name
  • Allow 3DView of the models
  • Allow multiple models in the 3DView

TODO Technical

  • Launch a demo instance
  • Build a docker image
  • Add a bounding box to the 3d objects to center the camera
  • Allow models to be set as image
  • Remove backend template rendering
  • Refactor endpoint files to match API
  • Cleanup static files
  • Host the Vue compiled files from the Echo Server
  • Add frontend configuration
  • Add a build & release system
  • Add backend configuration


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