a framework for Membangun Candi project in Golang.

Install CLI

For linux:

$ wget -O candi && chmod +x candi && sudo mv candi /usr/local/bin
$ candi

For macOS:

$ wget -O candi && chmod +x candi && mv candi /usr/local/bin
$ candi

For windows: (64 bit)
or (32 bit)

Or build binary from source:

$ go get -u
$ candi

Flag options:

$ candi --help
Usage of candi:
        [project generator] add handler in delivery module in service
        [project generator] add module in service
        [project generator] init service
        [project generator] init monorepo codebase
  -libraryname string
        [project generator] define library name (default "")
  -monorepo-name string
        [project generator] set monorepo project name (default "monorepo")
  -output string
        [project generator] directory to write project to (default is service name)
  -packageprefix string
        [project generator] define package prefix
  -protooutputpkg string
        [project generator] define generated proto output target (if using grpc), with prefix is your go.mod
        [service runner] run selected service or all service in monorepo
  -scope string
        [project generator] set scope 
        1 for init service, 
        2 for add module(s), 
        3 for add delivery handler(s) in module, 
        4 for init monorepo codebase, 
        5 for run multiple service in monorepo
  -service string
        Describe service name (if run multiple services, separate by comma)
        print version
        [project generator] generate go.mod or not (default true)

Create new service or add module in existing service

$ candi


Build and run service

$ cd {{service_name}}
$ make run

If include GRPC handler, run $ make proto for generate rpc files from proto (must install protoc compiler min version libprotoc 3.14.0)