GO: Book Rental API Service

( GIN Gorm )

Basic API Service (Book Rental) using Golang


  • go v1.17.5 (tested & develop on this version)
  • MySQL
  • familiar with Gin & Gorm


How to use it

clone this repo with https / ssh / github cli

git clone https://github.com/fahmidyt/go-book-rental-be.git

After cloning this repo, make sure you have duplicated the .env.example file to .env, don’t let the .env.example file be deleted or renamed.


Run go install

Run Application

Makesure mysql database and .env configuration all are correct.
after that, run the application

go run main.go

app will start & gorm will migrate automaticaly into the selected database (note: only structre)


you could change ENV into “PRODUCTION” when the app is about to run in released mode
and you also could change PORT to your desire.