Basic Blockchain using Golang !


  • Networking : So far this is a blockchain running only in a single node , I’ll try to add networking part where different nodes can contribute new blocks.
  • Proof of Work : I’ll try to implement PoW Algorithm.
  • Proof of Stake : I’ll try to implement PoS Algorithm.
  • Peer-to-Peer : I’ll try to make the blockchain P2P.

Steps to Deploy What I’ve implemented so far

  • Download main.go , and ports.env.

  • Rename ports.env to .env using “mv ports.env .env”.

  • Open a web browser and http://localhost:8080/ (8080 is the port I wrote in .env file).

  • To Add a new Block you can use curl to send a POST request to http://localhost:8080 .

    Example : curl -i -X POST -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -d '{"BPM":50}' http://localhost:8080


Screenshot of POST request using curl Screen1

Screenshot of Blocks Screen2


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