Frontier Chain

Frontier Chain is a blockchain application built using Cosmos SDK and Tendermint.


Initialize the blockchain with one validator node:

rm -r ~/.frontcli
rm -r ~/.frontd

make install

frontd init mynode --chain-id frontierchain1

# Update chain's main denom from 'stake' to 'front'
jq '.app_state.staking.params.bond_denom = "front"' ~/.frontd/config/genesis.json|sponge ~/.frontd/config/genesis.json
jq '.app_state.crisis.constant_fee.denom = "front"' ~/.frontd/config/genesis.json|sponge ~/.frontd/config/genesis.json
jq ' = "front"' ~/.frontd/config/genesis.json|sponge ~/.frontd/config/genesis.json
jq '[0].denom = "front"' ~/.frontd/config/genesis.json|sponge ~/.frontd/config/genesis.json

frontcli config keyring-backend test
frontcli config chain-id frontierchain1
frontcli config output json
frontcli config indent true
frontcli config trust-node true

frontcli keys add user1
frontcli keys add user2
frontd add-genesis-account $(frontcli keys show user1 -a) 110000000front
frontd add-genesis-account $(frontcli keys show user2 -a) 5000000front

frontd gentx --name user1 --amount=10000000front --keyring-backend test

frontd collect-gentxs


Start the blockchain:

frontd start


The blockchain’s initialization parameters are stored in ~/.frontd/config/genesis.json.

Blockchain CLI

frontcli is a CLI that can be used to interact with the blockchain. Let’s use it to transfer some tokens:

 # example usage: frontcli tx send [from_key_or_address] [to_address] [amount] [flags]
 frontcli tx send user1 front1y0ygwej3hqc8epzmytg0hdr7ylytpnq8cnpuvq 10front --from user1

Frontend Application

Start the frontend application on localhost:8080:

cd vue/
npm i && npm run serve

The frontend application can be used to transfer tokens between accounts.

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