Egg Inc Automation

I wanted to learn how to use GoCV, and had earlier been playing Egg Inc on my Android phone. As my son started playing it, I tried it again, but this time with the goal of learning something new at the same time.

Is it cheating? No, it’s optimization of your time.


  • BlueStacks 5.5 Android emulator for Windows
  • Egg Inc installed on emulator
  • LOTS of CPU. I use 20 cores on my machine.

Settings in BlueStacks:

  • 2560×1440 resolution (important!)
  • Hotkeys:
    • Home: HOME
    • Back: PGUP
    • Rotate: PGDN
    • Recent Apps: END


  • Rotate screen to portrait mode if needed
  • Starts Egg Inc from launcher
  • Watch ad for 2X boost when needed
  • Watches ads for golden eggs, boosts, chicken boxes – but not for money (you can change this in the code)
  • Doesn’t watch ads when you have soul mirror running
  • Detects and takes down drones (uses drag-clicking to prevent popups if it misses, screen shakes a bit)
  • Moves game location to best spot for spotting drones
  • Debug window for detection debugging
  • Detect and fix “blur” bug
  • Multi-threaded and likes to eat your CPU
  • Disables when BlueStacks has focus, so you can do manual stuff

Improvements that can be made:

  • Launch BlueStacks if needed
  • Restart BlueStacks in case of trouble
  • Handle shutdown of BlueStacks more gracefully
  • Auto research could be added
  • Forward alerts of running out of chicken coop space or transporation limit hit
  • Pyramid detection of templates to improve performance
  • Logging with timestamps
  • Better prediction of drone locations
  • Some sort of GUI with on-the-fly settings changes


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