What is xfrps and why xfrps

xfrps was xfrpc‘s server, it was a branch of frp which mainly focus on serving amount of routers and IOT devices

The reason to start xfrps project is the following:

1, we need a stable frp server to serve our xfrpc, however frp change very fast, high version of frp doesn’t promise compatible with low version

2, frp’s roadmap doesn’t satisfy xfrp’s need, for example, ftp support is important for us, but frp didn’t support it

3, by maintaining our own frp server project, we can develope our own feature, no need to wait frp’s support

Different between xfrps and frp

xfrps start from v0.11.0 of frp, the following is difference

xfrps need client provide runid, if not, it will reject it

xfrps support only one tcp&ftp proxy for every client, and xfrps’client don’t need to provide its remote port, xfrps will choose one for it

client can use its runid to get its tcp&ftp proxy’s remote port by http request

for example
curl http://xfrps_domains:7500/api/port/tcp/getport/your_runid

xfrps support ftp

in order to use ftp proxy, u need add the following content to config file

type = ftp
local_ip = your ftp server ip
local_port = 21

to get ftp remote port, using the following http request:

curl http://xfrps_domains:7500/api/port/tcp/getftpport/your_runid

How to contribute our project

See CONTRIBUTING for details on submitting patches and the contribution workflow.


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