Golang SSE Demo

A brief demo of real-time plotting with Plotly, Go, and server-side events.


I first learned about Server-Sent Events from @mroth‘s How I Built Emojitracker and have been intrigued ever since.

However, it wasn’t until I came across @benbjohnson‘s litestream-read-replica-demo that I realized just how easy they were to use. I thought there was all sorts of complexity, but no!

It’s really simple…all you need to do is create a new EventSource in your JavaScript and feed it updates!

var sse = new EventSource("/api/stream");
sse.addEventListener("update", function (e) {
  // Do something!


This repo shows how to use Go to send events to the browser and, of course, draw a real-time chart with Plotly. 🙂

git clone https://github.com/dacort/golang-sse-demo.git
cd golang-sse-demo
go run *.go

Then browse to http://localhost:3000




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