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Cashu is a Chaumian Ecash wallet and mint with Bitcoin Lightning support.

Disclaimer: The author is NOT a cryptographer and this work has not been reviewed. This means that there is very likely a fatal flaw somewhere. Cashu is still experimental and not production-ready.

Cashu is an Ecash implementation based on David Wagner’s variant of Chaumian blinding. Token logic based on minicash (description) which implements a Blind Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange scheme written down by Ruben Somsen here. The database mechanics and the Lightning backend uses parts from LNbits.

Please read the Cashu documentation.


Source · Download · Docker

From source

These steps will help you installing cashu-feni from source.



git clone && cd cashu-feni

copy config_example.yaml to config.yaml and update configuration values

go build . && ./cashu-feni


Download the latest binary from releases

Using Docker

Start cashu-feni using docker. Please provide a local volume path to the data folder.

docker run -it -p 3338:3338 \
-v $(pwd)/data/:/app/data/ \

Mounting custom config.yaml to /app/config.yaml

docker run -it -p 3338:3338 \
-v $(pwd)/config.yaml:/app/config.yaml \
-v $(pwd)/data/:/app/data/ \

Build image

git clone && cd cashu-feni
docker build -t cashu -f Dockerfile .


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