it’s a cli 2048 game in golang. i don’t know what else to say. it doesn’t work right now

long term plan

this is a stepping stone to build an algorithm to solve 2048 games for me. i plan to write it in go because the algorithm would be faster than using something like python. i want to be able to read a 2048 board from the screen with python, and pump that into my algorithm in go. then i feed the output from go into the python script and send an input to the game, thus creating a genius at 2048 (hopefully).

short term plan

  • make the tiles actually move 😭
  • make sure the tiles actually merge with each other
  • add comments to everything
  • split things up into smaller functions, specifically in a way that will help me build the algorithm later
  • put things into multiple files so i don’t have one large main.go file

build instructions

make sure you have go installed, clone the repo and run go build inside the directory. after that you can put the binary or executable wherever you want


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