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Gitgazer is a TUI application that allows you keep track of the repos you spy 👉 gaze upon the most. You can see how the star count has changed over the course of a day or week or month (TBD). You can see the most recent issues as well as the issues you’ve tagged/tracked.


This project is currently in early development. It is not ready for daily use.


  • Decide on main layout for the application
  • Handle authentication
  • list repositories you’ve starred (paginated)
  • Select a subset of repositories as your focused ones
  • Store this list locally so it can be retrieved later
  • Persist credentials
  • Create config file
  • Make repo list sort order consistent
  • Track the star count for a repository by time window e.g. day, month, year
  • Visualise star count graphically
  • See issues you are watching and track updates since you last checked


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