This is a CLI application that allows you to run a complete ToDo app from your terminal application.
As a user you can:

  • Create a list of todo items
  • Get your list of items
  • Mark your items as complete.

Features that are missing but I am hoping to add at some point are:

  • Using -del to delete an item from the list. This will utilize the Delete() method in the API portion
    of the application.

  • Would like to add another flag for a verbose mode which would show information like date/time

  • A flag to show the completed items

  • Update the usage function to display the additional instructions on how to provide new tasks to the tool

  • Update the getTask() function allowing it to handle multi-line input from STDIN. Each line would be a new task

And then of course add new tests such as:

  • Include test cases for the remaining options like -complete
  • Test the TODO_FILENAME environemnt variable instead of hard coding the test file name so it does not cause conflicts with an existing file
  • Test for the getTask() update for multi-line input