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CLI application for getting information out of Prolific about your research studies.

CLI application for retrieving data from ProlificUsage:  prolificli [command]Available Commands:  completion  Generate the autocompletion script for the specified shell  help        Help about any command  studies     Provide details about your studies  study       Study related commands  user        User related commandsFlags:      --config string   config file (default is $HOME/.benmatselby/prolificli.yaml)  -h, --help            help for prolificliUse "prolificli [command] --help" for more information about a command.

List view of studies

Detail view of a study


If you are wanting to build and develop this, you will need the following items installed. If, however, you just want to run the application I recommend using the docker container (See below).

  • Go version 1.18+


Environment variables

You will need the following environment variables defining:


You can create a Researcher token in your account. Log in, and go to settings.

Installation via Docker

Other than requiring docker to be installed, there are no other requirements to run the application this way.

$ docker run \  --rm \  -t \  -ePROLIFIC_URL \  -ePROLIFIC_TOKEN \  -v "${HOME}/.benmatselby":/root/.benmatselby \  benmatselby/prolificli:latest "$@"

The latest tag mentioned above can be changed to a released version. For all releases, see here.

Tag What it means
latest The latest released version
main The latest git commit, not released as a tag yet
v* Docker releases

You can also build the image locally:

make docker-build

Installation via Git

git clone [email protected]:benmatselby/prolificli.gitcd prolificlimake all./prolificli

You can also install into your $GOPATH/bin by running make build && go install.


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