Screen Manager

So this project was made because I use a VPS that cannot launch docker containers. Meaning that it was pretty annoying to launch multiple apps in the background, playing with screen has become my main way of dealing with that.

BUT, playing those scripts everytime my computer started, checking which screens were up or not if they had crashed was really annoying too.

That’s why I made this manager.


  • Starting a screen
  • Attach to a screen to monitor it
  • Stop a screen


  • Launching a group of screens


To use that app, you need to create a YAML file for every screen you want to run.

The yaml files follow this template :

name: string  # Name of the container
id: string    # Name of the screen session
description: string   # Description of the container
user: string  # User that can run that script
commands:     # Commands that the screen will play in order
  - string
  - string
  - ...

You can see an example file in config/.


  • Go: 19^
  • GNU/Linux
  • Screen

Special Thanks

I need to shout out a special thanks to the community for the amazing terminal UI/UX packages they have made.




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