A Golang CLI tool built with Cobra (& cobra-cli).


Getting started

You can decide to do one of two things:

  • Clone the repository
$ git clone https://github.com/olumidayy/go-github.git

After cloning, you can then build the tool by running:

$ go build
  • Or just install tool directly in your project.
$ go install github.com/olumidayy/[email protected]


There are two commands, user and repo (so far). The former fetches information about a particular user by passing their github username (compulsory), like so:

$ go-github user <USERNAME>

Below is an example:

$ go-github user olumidayy

Just fetched olumidayy's data.
Name: Olumide Nwosu
Username: olumidayy
Followers: 33
Following: 16
Public Repositories: 26
Public Gists: 33
Location: Lagos, Nigeria

The repo command can be used in two ways:

  • Passing just a username;
$ go-github repo <USERNAME>

This returns the name and description of all the user’s public repositories.

  • Passing both a username and a repository name as arguments;
$ go-github repo <USERNAME> <REPO_NAME>

This is more specific and returns a summary of the repository in question.

These can be demonstrated as follows:

 $ go-github repo olumidayy

 Fetching olumidayy's repository data...
 Name: bckdrp
 Description: A GraphQL API for shortening URLs

 Name: birthday_reminder
 Description: Utility app to remind of loved ones' birthdays made with flutter.

 $ go-github repo olumidayy go-github

 Fetching olumidayy's repository data...
 Name: go-github
 Description: A CLI tool for communicating with github.
 Author: olumidayy
 Language: Go
 Stars: 0
 Forks: 0
 Watchers: 0
 Year: 2022


Pull requests and contributions are very much welcome! 💙


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