A CLI tool written in Go that can be used to disrupt wireless connectivity in the area accessible to your wireless interface. This tool scans all the access points and wireless clients in your area and continuously sends large number of Deauth packets as per IEEE 802.11 protocol specification which blocks all the wireless devices from accessing the internet via Access Points (AP)

This tool is built for educational purposes, using this tool against wireless defence equipments, medical equipments or public wireless network is strictly not encouraged.

Disclaimer: WiFi de-auth attack is illegal in some countries. Using this tool in such countries is not encouraged.


  1. Linux based operating system
  2. A system with wireless interface
  3. GO programming language tools – Instructions to install

How to install?

  1. Clone this repository:
[email protected]:Narasimha1997/sig-716i.git
  1. Go to the project directory and run:

If build is successful, it should produce the binary in bin/, (/bin/sig-716i)

Running the tool

The tool requires to be run as sudo or as a root user.

  1. Run without specifying the wireless interface: When no wireless interface is selected, the tool looks for the best wireless interface available on the host. If multiple wireless interfaces are present, best one will be selected based on the number of APs discoverable by that interface.
sudo ./bin/sig-916i
  1. Run with specifying the wireless interface: You can also specify the interface to use manually. This can be done by passing the option -i followed by the name of the wireless interface.
sudo ./bin/sig-916i -i <interface-name>

Either of the above two commands should start scanning for the wireless APs and devices, later sends the deauth packets to these probed devices. The tool keeps scanning in background so new devices and APs are added to the list as and when they are detected.


  1. The tool will bring down the wireless interface to monitor mode when starting the attack so you will not be able to access the internet until the tool is running. (you can still use the internet if you have another active wireless interface or ethernet)

  2. When exiting, the tool will bring back the interface to normal mode (managed) so you should get internet back, in case it fails, run this command to manually rollback:

sudo ./bin/sig-916i --revert -i <interface-name>
  1. If your wireless interface supports only 2.4Ghz then it cannot attack devices connected via 5GHz channel, so it is always recommended to use an interface that supports 5GHz channel. However this is not mandatory.


  1. Targetting specific AP or client device


pywifijammer – python version of wifi jammer


Feel free to raise issues, send PRs and suggest new features


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