This is a cli tool that take in a file of games played and computes the league standings

The tool takes in a text file with games for each line in the form of [Team 1] [score], [Team 2] [score] With the team’s name being a string and the score being an integer input eg:

Lions 3, Snakes 3
Tarantulas 1, FC Awesome 0
Lions 1, FC Awesome 1
Tarantulas 3, Snakes 1
Lions 4, Grouches 0

and will print out the league standings:

1. Tarantulas, 6 pts
2. Lions, 5 pts
3. FC Awesome, 1 pt
3. Snakes, 1 pt
5. Grouches, 0 pts

Release Status

Release Status

Tools needed

Cloning the repo and getting started

Cloning the repo

git clone [email protected]:kbnox/go_league_cli.git

cd go_league_cli

download our dependencies

go mod download

Build and Test

To build the application: go build ./...


To run tests run the bellow command:

go test ./...

Running the tool

./main.go -file test_score.txt

Installing the binary

You can discover the install path by running the go list command go list -f '{{.Target}}'

Add the Go install directory to your system’s shell path

  • on Linux / Mac export PATH=$PATH:/path/to/your/install/directory
  • on Windows set PATH=%PATH%;C:\path\to\your\install\directory

As an alternative, if you already have a directory like $HOME/bin in your shell path and you’d like to install your Go programs there, you can change the install target by setting the GOBIN variable using the go env command

  • on Linux / Mac go env -w GOBIN=/path/to/your/bin
  • on Windows go env -w GOBIN=C:\path\to\your\bin

Once you’ve updated the shell path, run the following to compile and install the package go install

You should be able to run your application by simply typing it’s name

$ go_league_cli
  -file string
        The file containing the scores for each game.


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