A CLI tool that you can use create regular backups of your Pages.

Perfect for disaster scenarios and offline usage. MacOS and Linux.


  • Download it for Linux AMD64, MacOS, or MacOS M1.
  • ./notion-offliner
  • If you want to access private Pages, you must set the NOTION_TOKEN environment variable.


  • Recursively captures all Pages beneath Page you provide.
  • Includes image and file attachments.
  • Automatically adds simple “breadcrumb”-style navigation to all Pages.
  • Optional -m "message" to add a static footer (ex: -m "Offline copy 5/8/2021")
  • Based on the awesome notionapi project.

Known Limitations (help appreciated!)

  • Linked tables not working at all.
  • Only Table views work for Collections. List view properties are not all rendered, and board/timeline/calendar/gallery views are not supported at all.
  • Inline Bookmark blocks aren’t rendered properly.
  • Inline Page links to “in-branch” Pages are downloaded twice – should be linked to first download.
  • Any issue with the notionapi project.



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New Feature Ideas? Please open Pull Request!

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