A CLI tool to calculate and display money earned in real time.

A screenshot showing the program running in pretty mode.


You can use the program directly via go run main.go or install it via go install and then run it as moneytime.


Display a pretty UI with the money earned (starting from now) with a yearly salary: moneytime -s 12345 or an hourly salary: moneytime --hourly 12345

If your meeting started 10 minutes ago, you can use -o -10m to offset the calculation by negative 10 minutes.

go run main.go -s 12345 --fps 60 -o -30m --pretty anim -c LOL

The above command shows a pretty terminal UI with the money earned since 30 minutes ago and increasing over time (recalculated at 60 fps) with an animated rainbow and with a LOL currency prefix.

  -c, --currencyPrefix string      The currency symbol/prefix to use when pretty mode is enabled (default "€")
      --fps int                    Frames per second (default 60)
      --hourly float               Hourly wage
      --pretty string              off = plain text, fixed = fixed colours, anim = animated colours, puke = awful colours (default "fixed")
  -o, --startTimeOffset duration   The time offset to use when calculating the money earned
  -s, --yearly float               Yearly salary

If both yearly and hourly are specified, hourly will take precidence.


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