What is Datree?

Datree is a CLI tool that supports Kubernetes admins in their roles, by preventing developers from making errors in Kubernetes configurations that can cause clusters to fail in production. Our CLI tool is open source, enabling it to be supported by the Kubernetes community.

It’s far more effective than manual processes, such as sending an email to a slew of developers, begging them to set various limits, which likely falls on deaf ears because developers are already overwhelmed.

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How it Works

The CLI integration provides a policy enforcement solution for Kubernetes to run automatic checks on every code change for rule violations and misconfigurations. When rule violations are found, Datree produces an alert which guides the developer to fix the issue inside the CI process — or even earlier as a pre-commit hook — while explaining the reason behind the rule.

Quick start in two steps

1. Install the latest release on your CLI

Linux & MacOS: curl https://get.datree.io | /bin/bash
Windows: iwr -useb https://get.datree.io/windows_install.ps1 | iex

2. Pass datree a Kuberntes manifest file to scan

datree test <k8s-manifest-file>

…and voilà, you just ran your first invocation! 🥳

Command Line Interface


Web Application Interface




You can also checkout our interactive demo scenario on Katacoda without having to install anything on your machine.

Ready to review our “Getting Started” guide?

All the information needed to get started, as well as a bunch of other cool features (including how to set up your policy), can be found in our docs.

Helm plugin

Datree’s Helm plugin can be accessed through the helm CLI, to provide a seamless experience to Helm users:

helm plugin install https://github.com/datreeio/helm-datree

Built-in rules

Right now, there are 30 battle-tested rules for you to choose from.
The rules cover different Kubernetes resources and use cases:


Datree builds and maintains this project to make Kubernetes policies simple and accessible. Start with our documentations for quick tutorials and examples.


We do our best to maintain backwards compatibility but there may be breaking changes in
the future to the command usage, flags, and configuration file formats. The CLI will output a warning message when a new version with breaking changes is detected.
We encourage you to use Datree to test your Kubernetes manifests files and Helm charts, see what
breaks, and contribute.