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Why I wrote this tool

When I develop backend services and write go-zero, I often need to monitor the network traffic. For example:

  1. monitoring gRPC connections, when to connect and when to reconnect
  2. monitoring MySQL connection pools, how many connections and figure out the lifetime policy
  3. monitoring any TCP connections on the fly


$ go install[email protected]

Or use docker images:

docker run --rm -it -p <listen-port>:<listen-port> -p <remote-port>:<remote-port> kevinwan/tproxy:v1 tproxy -l -p <listen-port> -r host.docker.internal:<remote-port>

For arm64:

docker run --rm -it -p <listen-port>:<listen-port> -p <remote-port>:<remote-port> kevinwan/tproxy:v1-arm64 tproxy -l -p <listen-port> -r host.docker.internal:<remote-port>


$ tproxy --helpUsage of tproxy:  -l string        Local address to listen on (default "localhost")  -p int        Local port to listen on  -r string        Remote address (host:port) to connect  -silent        Only prints connection open/close and stats, default false  -t string        the type of protocol, currently support grpc


Monitor gRPC connections

tproxy -p 8088 -r localhost:8081 -t grpc
  • listen on localhost and port 8088
  • redirect the traffic to localhost:8081
  • protocol type to be gRPC


Monitor MySQL connections

tproxy -p 3307 -r localhost:3306


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