MIT License

Shopware CLI

A cli which contains handy helpful commands for daily Shopware tasks


  • Manage your Shopware account extensions in the CLI
  • Build and validate Shopware extensions

All commands

shopware-cli account login
shopware-cli account logout
shopware-cli account company list
shopware-cli account company use [companyId]
shopware-cli account producer
shopware-cli account producer info
shopware-cli account producer extension create [name] [generation]
shopware-cli account producer extension delete [name]
shopware-cli account producer extension list
shopware-cli extension validate [folder or zip path]
shopware-cli extension prepare [folder]
shopware-cli extension zip [folder]


There are many options to install shopware-cli. The binary file itself can be found in the latest GitHub release.
The releases contain also packages for Debian, Red Hat and Alpine.

For Homebrew use brew install FriendsOfShopware/tap/shopware-cli.

Develop Locally

Clone the project

  git clone

Go to the project directory

  cd shopware-cli

Run the cli

    go run . account login


Contributions are always welcome!


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