A client software for acme-dns with emphasis on usability and guidance through setup and additional security safeguard mechanisms. It is designed for usage with existing ACME clients with minimal configuration.



  • acme-dns account pre-registration
  • Guided CNAME record creation
  • Guided CAA record creation
  • Modular ACME client support for CAA record creation guidance (for ACME-CAA accounturi)
  • Configuration checks to ensure operation (CNAME record, account exisence)
  • Interactive setup

Example usage with Certbot

1. Create a new ACME account

# sudo certbot register

This creates a new ACME account that is used internally by Certbot. In case you are not planning to set up CAA record, this step can be omitted.

2. Create a new acme-dns account for your domain and set it up

# sudo acme-dns-client register -d -s

This attempts to create a new account to acme-dns instance running at After account creation, the user is guided through proper CNAME record creation for the main DNS zone for domain

Optionally the same will be done for CAA record creation. acme-dns-client will attempt to read the account URL from active Certbot configuration (created in step 1)

acme-dns-client will monitor the DNS record changes to ensure they are set up correctly.

3. Run Certbot to obtain a new certificate

# sudo certbot certonly --manual --preferred-challenges dns \
    --manual-auth-hook 'acme-dns-client' -d 

This runs Certbot and instructs it to obtain a new certificate for domain by using a DNS challenge and acme-dns-client as the authenticator. After successfully obtaining the new certificate this configuration will be saved in Certbot configuration and will be automatically reused when it renews the certificate.


acme-dns-client - v0.1

Usage:  acme-dns-client COMMAND [OPTIONS]

  register              Register a new acme-dns account for a domain
  check                 Check the configuration and settings of existing acme-dns accounts
  list                  List all the existing acme-dns accounts and perform simple CNAME checks for them

  --help                Print this help text

To get help for specific command, use:
  acme-dns-client COMMAND --help

  Register a new acme-dns account for domain
    acme-dns-client register -d
  Register a new acme-dns account for domain, allow updates only from
    acme-dns-client register -d -allow

  Check the configuration of and the corresponding acme-dns account:
    acme-dns-client check -d

  Check the configuration of all the domains and acme-dns accounts registered on this machine:
    acme-dns-client check

  Print help for a "register" command:
    acme-dns-client register --help