A Cloudification Framework for Blockchain Based on Hyperledger Fabric

What is Cloudification Framework?

The goal of the framework is to manage Hyperledger Fabric(HF) more simply and natively under the cloud-native technology system.

Getting started


Install StorageClass

helm install nfs-client stable/nfs-client-provisioner --set nfs.server=xxx --set nfs.path=xxx

# 测试
kc apply -f ./yaml/test-pvc.yaml

Update the pkg


Download Go mod

go env -w GOPROXY=https://goproxy.cn,direct
go env -w GO111MODULE=on
go mod tidy
go mod vendor
go env -w GO111MODULE=off

Start manager

make install   # deploy the CRDs in k8s
make run 

go build -o hfoperator ./command/main.go

Deploy a network

As shown in the figure, we will build the most classic and simple HF network. The test focuses on the whole process of HF(Ca, Peer, Orderer, Channel, Chaincode) to verify the function.

Deploy a Peer Organization

# create ca
hfoperator ca create --name=org1-ca --enroll-id=enroll --enroll-pw=enrollpw

# deploy peer
hfoperator peer create --name=org1-peer0 --enroll-id=peer --enroll-pw=peerpw --db=CouchDB --ca-name=org1-ca --mspid=Org1MSP

register user for the peer

# register user for the peer
hfoperator ca register --name=org1-ca --user=peer --user-pw=peerpw --type=peer --enroll-id=enroll --enroll-pw=enrollpw --mspid=Org1MSP

# enroll for the user
hfoperator ca enroll --name=org1-ca --user=admin --user-pw=adminpw --mspid=Org1MSP --ca-name=org1-ca  --output peer-org1.yaml
hfoperator inspect --output org1.yaml -o Org1MSP -o OrdererMSP
hfoperator utils adduser --userPath=peer-org1.yaml --config=org1.yaml --username=admin --mspid=Org1MSP

Deploy a Orderer Organization

# create ca
hfoperator ca create --name=orderer-ca --enroll-id=enroll --enroll-pw=enrollpw

# deploy orderer
hfoperator orderer create --name=orderer --enroll-id=orderer --mspid=OrdererMSP --ca-name=orderer-ca --enroll-pw=ordererpw 

register user for the peer

# register user for the orderer
hfoperator ca register --name=ord-ca --user=admin --user-pw=adminpw --type=admin --enroll-id=enroll --enroll-pw=enrollpw --mspid=OrdererMSP
hfoperator ca enroll --name=ord-ca --user=admin --user-pw=adminpw --mspid OrdererMSP --ca-name=orderer-ca

hfoperator inspect --output ordservice.yaml -o OrdererMSP
hfoperator utils adduser --userPath=admin-ordservice.yaml --config=ordservice.yaml --username=admin --mspid=OrdererMSP

Create a channel

hfoperator channel generate --output=chan.block --name=chan --organizations Org1MSP --ordererOrganizations OrdererMSP
hfoperator ca enroll --name=ord-ca --user=admin --user-pw=adminpw --mspid=OrdererMSP --ca-name=tlsca  --output admin-tls-ordservice.yaml 
hfoperator orderer join --block=chan.block --name=ord-node1 --identity=admin-tls-ordservice.yaml

Join channel

hfoperator channel join --name=chan --config=org1.yaml --user=admin -p=org1-peer0.default

Inspect the channel

hfoperator channel inspect --channel=chan --config=org1.yaml --user=admin -p=org1-peer0.default > chan.json
hfoperator channel addanchorpeer --channel=chan --config=org1.yaml --user=admin --peer=org1-peer0 

Install a chaincode

export CHAINCODE_NAME=asset
export CHAINCODE_LABEL=asset
cat << METADATA-EOF > "metadata.json"
    "type": "ccaas",
    "label": "${CHAINCODE_LABEL}"

cat > "connection.json" <<CONN_EOF
  "address": "${CHAINCODE_NAME}:7052",
  "dial_timeout": "10s",
  "tls_required": false

tar cfz code.tar.gz connection.json
tar cfz asset-transfer-basic-external.tgz metadata.json code.tar.gz
export PACKAGE_ID=$(hfoperator chaincode calculatepackageid --path=asset-transfer-basic-external.tgz --language=node --label=$CHAINCODE_LABEL)

hfoperator chaincode install --path=./asset-transfer-basic-external.tgz --config=org1.yaml --language=golang --label=$CHAINCODE_LABEL --user=admin --peer=org1-peer0.default

Deploy chaincode

hfoperator externalchaincode sync --name=$CHAINCODE_NAME --package-id=$PACKAGE_ID --tls-required=false --replicas=1

Query chaincodes installed

hfoperator chaincode queryinstalled --config=org1.yaml --user=admin --peer=org1-peer0

Approve chaincode

export SEQUENCE=1
export VERSION="1.0"
hfoperator chaincode approveformyorg --config=org1.yaml --user=admin --peer=org1-peer0.default \
    --package-id=$PACKAGE_ID \
    --version "$VERSION" --sequence "$SEQUENCE" --name=asset \
    --policy="OR('Org1MSP.member')" --channel=demo

Commit chaincode

hfoperator chaincode commit --config=org1.yaml --user=admin --mspid=Org1MSP \
    --version "$VERSION" --sequence "$SEQUENCE" --name=asset \
    --policy="OR('Org1MSP.member')" --channel=demo

Invoke a transaction in the ledger

hfoperator chaincode invoke --config=org1.yaml \
    --user=admin --peer=org1-peer0.default \
    --chaincode=asset --channel=demo \
    --fcn=initLedger -a '[]'

Query the ledger

hfoperator chaincode query --config=org1.yaml \
    --user=admin --peer=org1-peer0.default \
    --chaincode=asset --channel=demo \
    --fcn=GetAllAssets -a '[]'

The result as shown in the figure:

Cleanup the fabric

make clean


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