a cmd line for alist visitor upload

of course, alist server must be rebulid

rebuild server

  1. git clone alist v2 repo

    git clone -b v2 && cd alist
  2. modify server/middlewares/path.go

nano server/middlewares/path.go
# add package
import ("strconv")

# add to 17 line
if req.Path == "" {
	req.Path = c.PostForm("path")
    req.Password = c.PostForm("password")
    req.PageNum, _ = strconv.Atoi(c.PostForm("page_num"))
    req.PageSize, _ = strconv.Atoi(c.PostForm("page_size"))


  1. compile front file

    cd ..
    git clone
    cd alist-web
    yarn build
    sed -i -e "s/\/CDN_URL\//\//g" dist/index.html
    sed -i -e "s/assets/\/assets/g" dist/index.html
    rm -f dist/index.html-e
    cp -r dist/* ../alist/public/
    cd ../alist
  2. rebuild

    go build -o alist -tags=jsoniter alist.go


  1. choose files which will be uploader

  2. access to API /api/public/uploader

  3. access to API /api/public/path

  4. through files prefix or suffix to distinguish which files were uploaded you just now

  5. urls will be add to file_url.txt in now path


  • when upload folders, the folders will not automatically create, only upload files
  • it’s recommended that the upload folders’ file shouldn’t more than 1000
    • if your files are too much, please upload for a lots of times
    • you can create a new visitor path for upload every time


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