The Arcade

This is a small collections of terminal games served over SSH. Mostly a learning project for me as I want to get better at making bigger programs.

How it works (Work in progress)

Users connect to the server using SSH can either play as guests, or register and login with a username and password.

Playing as a guest is the same as being registered except you won’t be able to put your scores on the leaderboards and have saved games.

After logging in, the user will see a menu listing all the available games where he can navigate to a game of his choice.


The server package handles connections, authentication, and the main menu. It uses Wish to handle SSH connections and display using BubbleTea.

The database package handles interfacing with the database for saving leaderboard scores / user data / saved games.

The games package handles all the games, it has a game interface that each game implements.

Server setup and command line interface is in main.go.




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