This is a command line application to manage and fine-tune
Time Machine exclude paths.

This repository is a WIP! The advertised functionality is nonexistent yet 🙁

Repo state


  • architecture the protocol/configs
  • most of asimovs features are ported
  • example rules added


  • command line interface
  • option to dryrun, show inner states, write to file
  • handle global deps (m2, ivy, nvm, npm)
  • support tmignore functionality
  • support tmignore like funcionality with dockerignore
  • regexp pattern
  • brew package
  • hook to rerun periodically/before tmbackups
  • port asimov’s issues (spotify, spotlight)
  • docker support (at least tell if docker vm is persisted or not)
    • this is kinda easy with tmutil.GetExcludeList()
  • android vms?
    • this should be also easy
  • preemptive search that tells you how many files with which size will be excluded/included
    • nice to have, we can tell the sizes, but counting files need to actually count the files which could be slow AH
  • speedtest it
  • purge option
    • we should write down what paths excluded by us, and include them back
  • modify the backup intervals and frequencies
    • not sure it can be done with tmutil, but there are applications for this
  • probably adding . and .. will break the execution shortcuts and need to fix them
  • wildcards like *.sh not working right now, do we want to make them work?

Notes for migrating to a new machine

xcode-select --install may be needed after a migration


Every rule has a searchPaths, ignorePaths.

  • name for categorization
  • enabled for easier enable/disable
  • searchPaths are the root of the rule search like ~
  • ignorePaths are subpaths that we want to ignore to make the run quicker
    • like we want to parse dirs under ~, but not ~/Downloads
  • type is the ruletype
    • file-trigger
    • regexp
    • ignore-files
  • settings other type setting see below

Ignore (not yet implemented)

Parses the .gitignore or .dockerignore files, and excludes its contents.

  • forceAddPaths are files that we add even if they would be otherwise excluded
    • like .gitignore ignores .env files but we forcefully want to add them back
  • fileName
    • .gitignore or .dockerignore

Regexp (not yet implemented)

Ignores all files/folders with the given regexp. This can be slow!

  • regexp

File trigger

Ignores files/dirs based on other files existence, made for easy language dep ignores.

  • fileTrigger like package.json or .git
  • excludePaths like node-modules or .