Round is a command-line for rounding the images.


go get


Round an image. (default option: 4 corners with 0.25 rounding rate)

$ round /path/to/image.png

Round multiple images.

$ round /path/to/image.png /path/to/image2.png
$ round *.png

Change the rounding rate. (1.0 means that make an image circular)

$ round -r 0.5 /path/to/image.png
$ round -r 1.0 /path/to/image.png

You can round only specific corners.

# tl (top left), tr (top right), bl (bottom left), br (bottom right)
$ round -c tl,br /path/to/image.png

Add prefix or suffix to output files. (default suffix: _rounded)

$ round -p new -s _circle /path/to/square.png


rect+jpg rect+png square+jpg square+png
original flower.jpg flower.png flower2.jpg flower2.png
half flower_r0.5.jpg flower_r0.5.png flower2_r0.5.jpg flower2_r0.5.png
leaf flower_leaf.jpg flower_leaf.png flower2_leaf.jpg flower2_leaf.png
circle new_flower_ciecle.jpg new_flower_ciecle.png new_flower2_ciecle.jpg new_flower2_ciecle.png
original half leaf circle
options no options -r 0.5 -r 0.75 -c tl,br -s _leaf -r 1.0 -p new_ -s _circle

Photo by Alex Blăjan on Unsplash