this is a command line for searching with Google, DuckDuckGo, Github and StackOverflow services.

How to Install

You can download web_search binaries from the release page on this repository.

Move the relevant binary for your OS to /usr/local/bin (or other directory that is on your $PATH)

(might require to make the downloaded file executable with chmod +x)


You can use the web_search as the following:

$ web_search -engine=<engine> <term>

For example:

web_search -engine=duckduckgo golang command line applications

For convenience, is recommended add some alias to your shell.

alias google='web_search -engine=google'
alias ddg='web_search -engine=duckduckgo'
alias github='web_search -engine=github'
alias stackoverflow='web_search -engine=stackoverflow'

Now you can use these alias

gooogle golang applications


  • Want to build a command line (that have use) using golang

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