What is Lux?

Lux is a command-line interface for controlling and monitoring Govee lighting strips built in Go. Lux provides it’s users with the ability to manage their lighting strips from their desktop computer from any network with an internet connection.


Currently, to install Lux, you must download the source and compile it your self. After releases are made, we will provide & host various executables.


  • lux devices

    Lists the devices registered on the user’s account

  • lux query 0

    Returns data about the state of a device

  • lux turn 0 on

    Turn a device on or off

  • lux brightness 0 100

    Alter the brightness of a device

  • lux color 0 #0067f4

    Alter the color of a device

  • lux help

    Lists a list of commands and information about the CLI


Looking to contribute to Lux? That’s great! There are a couple of ways to help out. Translations, bug reports and pull requests are all greatly appreciated. Please refer to our contributing guidelines to get started.


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