A command line interface for whatsapp, based on go-whatsapp and tview


Things that work.

  • Connects through the Web App API without a browser
  • Allows sending and receiving WhatsApp messages in a command line app
  • Allows downloading and opening image/video/audio/document attachments
  • Uses QR code for simple setup
  • Binaries for Windows, Mac, Linux and RaspBerry Pi


This is a WIP and mainly meant for my personal use. Heres some things you might expect to work that don't. Plus some other things I should mention.

  • Only shows existing chats
  • Only fetches a few old messages
  • No incoming message notification / count
  • No proper connection drop handling
  • No uploading of images/video/audio/data
  • FaceBook obviously doesn't endorse or like these kinds of apps and they're likely to break when FaceBook changes stuff in their web app

Installation / Usage

How to get it running and how to use it

Latest Release

Always fresh, always up to date.

  • Download a release
  • Put the binary in your PATH (optional)
  • Run with whatscli (or double-click)
  • Scan the QR code with WhatsApp on your phone (resize shell or change font size to see whole code)

Package Managers

Some ways to install via package managers are supported but the installed version might be out of date.

MacOS (homebrew)

  • brew install normen/tap/whatscli

Arch Linux (AUR)

  • https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/whatscli/