CLI TCP Chat Server

A command-line interface where you can send and receive messages through a TCP chat server built with Go.

How to Run

Clone the repo and run the server

$ git clone
$ cd cli-tcp-chat-server
$ go run .

In a separate terminal window, connect to the server using telnet

$ telnet localhost 8888
Trying ::1....
Connected to localhost.

Type commands in the telnet CLI

/join general
> welcome to general


  • /name <name> — Set your username. Otherwise, you will remain anonymous.
  • /join <room name> — Join a chat room. If the room doesn’t exist, a new one will be created.
  • /rooms — Show list of available rooms to join.
  • /msg <message> — Broadcast message to everyone in current room.
  • /quit — Disconnect from the chat server.
  • /help — List available commands.


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