MKTEMPLATE is a command line tool created using Go and is intended to create a folder dedicated to front-end web development.

MKTEMPLATE creates a Sites/ folder in the user’s Desktop containing:

  1. index.html
  2. css/
  • css/style.css
  1. app/
  • app/app.js

The css/style.css and app/app.js is already linked to the index.html, making it a quick and seemless script to automate the beginning stages of front-end development.


git clone

Note: You can either modify the script or use it as is, or you can use the pre-compiled script within the builds folder


# Windows 
cd mktemplate\builds

# Linux
cd mktemplate/builds/

End Result

Once the folder is generated, you could open the index.html file on your favorite web browser and you’ll see something simlar to: mktemp

Want to contribute?

Since this is the beta, I would eventually like to add:

  • Arguments to specify the desired path.
  • Arguments to specify the folder name.

If you have any ideas or tips, you can contact me at: Github or Twitter.

Known Issues

  • Does not work for MacOS but will add it to the project very soon.


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