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gdriver is a command-line tool, written in Go, used for uploading and downloading large personal files from Google Drive (API v3).
The tool provides file selection, integrity checks, transfer retries and requires a user-defined Cloud Platform project.

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  • Uses Google Drive v3 API
  • TUI-based file selection
  • File integrity check (MD5 checksum)
  • Transfer retries (app-internal and on application restart)
  • OAuth 2.0 authorization protocol


  • User-defined Cloud Platform project with enabled Drive API (Quickstart)

Getting started

If you have installed Go SDK, you can download and build the latest master of the gdriver binary:

go get

Without Go SDK you can download prebuilt distribution from the Releases page.
If you're working on a remote workstation, copy the URL link for particular release, use curl or wget to download the archive
and unpack it later (e.g tar xvzf gdriver_X.Y.Z_linux_amd64.tar.gz).

Run the help command to see available commands:

Use gdriver to download and upload large files to Google Drive.

  gdriver [command]

Available Commands:
  auth        Authenticate Google account
  check       Check files
  download    Download files
  help        Help about any command
  upload      Upload files

  -h, --help   help for gdriver

Use "gdriver [command] --help" for more information about a command.

Run the application for the first time

Import client configuration (credentials.json) for the Cloud Platform project. If you haven't created the project
yet or enabled the Drive API, follow the Quickstart steps.


  • Use a meaningful project name as it will be presented as title in the Google authentication form.
  • Select Desktop application type for the OAuth client.
  • There were issues reported in the past with downloading and saving the credentials file in Firefox. In case of facing a similar issue, please try to use Google Chrome.

Once you create the project, remember to download related login credentials.

The command will import the above credentials into the ~/.gdriver directory and authenticate the Google user account:

gdriver auth --import-credentials credentials.json

You should be good to go now. Try to download first files using the gdriver download command, e.g.:

gdriver download <folderID> --select --output tmp

The folderID is the ID of a Drive folder (e.g. Ax9h4tAyI53ZhqMSoa2opZ6o6m21OUyww). The value can be easily copied from the URL bar in the web browser. Open the directory in the Google Drive console and pick the folderID part from the URL (e.g.


Find latest revisions on the Releases page.


Apache License