A command line tool that animates your exercise maps, inspired by an article by Andriy Yaremenko.

example output


  • Supports FIT, TCX, GPX files. It can also traverse into ZIP files for easy ingestion of bulk activity exports.
  • Outputs GIF, animated PNG, or a ZIP file containing each frame in JPEG format.
  • Activities can be filtered by sport, date, distance, duration and geographic region.
  • Configurable color scheme.

Example usage

> rainbow-roads \
    -sport running \
    -after 2020-08-01 \
    -min_duration 15m \
    -min_distance 3km \
    -bounded_by -37.8,144.9,5km \
    -output lockdown_project \

Some basic statistics are output to help validate the activities that were included and to aid in further refining filters.

activity files: 9,327
 100% |████████████████████████████████████████| [3s:0s]            
activities:     270
period:         1.6 year(s) (2020-08-02 to 2022-02-24)
duration range: 15m28s to 1h32m39s
distance range: 3.0km to 16.8km
bounds:         -37.8,144.9,4987.12259
total points:   154,907
total duration: 197h58m26s
total distance: 2,110.7km

The easiest way to find the coordinates of a known location is to right-click on it in Google Maps and select the first menu item.


Usage of rainbow-roads:
  -after date
        date from which activities should be included
  -before date
        date prior to which activities should be included
  -bounded_by region
        region that activities must be fully contained within, eg -37.8,144.9,10km
  -colors string
        CSS linear-colors inspired color scheme string, eg red,yellow,green,blue,black (default #fff,#ff8,#911,#414,#[email protected],#001)
  -ends_near region
        region that activities must end in, eg 30.06,31.22,1km
  -format string
        output file format string, supports gif, png, zip
  -frames uint
        number of animation frames (default 100)
  -max_distance distance
        greatest distance of included activities, eg 10mi
  -max_duration duration
        longest duration of included activities, eg 1h
  -min_distance distance
        shortest distance of included activities, eg 2km
  -min_duration duration
        shortest duration of included activities, eg 15m
        suppress the embedded project name and version string
  -output string
        optional path of the generated file (default "out")
  -passes_through region
        region that activities must pass through, eg 40.69,-74.12,10mi
  -sport value
        sports to include, can be specified multiple times, eg running, cycling
  -starts_near region
        region that activities must start from, eg 51.53,-0.21,1km
  -width uint
        width of the generated image in pixels (default 500)

Garmin tutorial

  1. Request a copy of all your activity data here: https://www.garmin.com/en-US/account/datamanagement/exportdata/
  2. Download the file linked in the email they send.
  3. Specify filter options to refine the activities included.
  4. Pass the downloaded ZIP file path to rainbow-roads after any options.

Installing from source

Simply install Go and run:

go install github.com/NathanBaulch/rainbow-roads

Built with

Future work

  • Improve rendering with smoother anti-aliasing
  • Provide option to strip time gaps in activities (pauses)
  • Support generating WebM files
  • Configurable dot size
  • Performance improvements
  • Localization


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