A command line tool that can be used by to make Weblink development more productive.


To install bofin, you should run the install script. To do that, you may either download and run the script manually, or use the following cURL command:

curl | bash


During install, a .bofin-conf.yaml file will be created in your home directory. You should update this with the required information.

You should also create a .env.template file in your boot_dir. This template will be used to generate your .env file when the bootenv command is run. The following variables should be added to your .env.example and will be replaced when generating your .env:

  • {{.ApiAccessToken}}
  • {{.WeblinkStagingDomain}}

Building from source

You can create a build of bofin by installing go and running the following command:

GOOS=linux GOARCH=amd64 go build .

The supported values for GOOS and GOARCH are here.


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