Is ben sus? Let’s use an AI neural network, trained by his own tweets to figure out.

A command-line tool that uses a fake AI neural network to tell whether or not Ben is sus.

This is very fake. There is no AI. It’s literally just a tool that prints to the console a couple of times.
No harm intended. PRs welcome if you’d like to ensure that Ben is, in fact, sus.
In hindsight I made this a lot more complicated than it has to be but I don’t care because I like doing this kind of thing. Also hello again, Twitter!


A binary file is provided for Linux in the releases page. Otherwise, you can build isbensus yourself, provided you have git and go installed.

Use isbensus by building the gofiles into a binary file and running it, using the


command, or for MacOS,


and for Windows



A copy of the GPLv3 is provided with this software.


made in Seattle by Levi Richardson


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