Potato is a command line tool which helps you to keep the development configs and settings of your Mac as a programmer/developer/coder safe in your GitHub that you can later use to set up a new machine. Also, Potato is fully configurable so you can track anything from your .vimrc to all pip packages installed in your system.

Why GO?

Because it seems exciting to develop something in Golang.

Installing Potato

Make sure Go is installed in your system.

To install run - go get github.com/horcrux2301/Potato

Or you can use Homebrew - brew install horcrux2301/tap/Potato

Using Potato

  1. Add a setting

    Run potato add to add a new setting to potato.
    Each new setting takes in 4 arguments -

    1. Name of the setting (eg - pip)
    2. Description of the setting (eg - Keeps track of all the pip3 packages installed)
    3. Command that needs to be executed for the setting (eg - pip3 freeze)
    4. Filename in which the settings will be saved (eg - pip3.txt)

  2. Delete a setting

    Run potato delete to delete a setting from potato.
    You need to enter the name of the setting in order to delete it.

  1. Display all settings

    Run potato display to display all the current settings in Potato.

  1. Update Git Directory

    Potato also needs to know the directory where all the files are to be saved. Run potato git to update the directory path. If the directory has git initialized and remote tracking enabled automatic git push to the master will also happen.

  1. Run potato

    Run potato run to execute all the commands.