Any Character Encoding Set

Aces is a command line utility that lets you encode any file to a character set of your choice.

For example, you could encode “Foo Bar” to a combination of these four characters: “HhAa”, resulting in this hilarious sequence of laughs:


With Aces installed, you can actually do that with:

$ echo -n "Foo Bar" | aces HhAa

This was the original use of Aces (it was called ha, increased data size by 4X and had no decoder)

If you’re on macOS, you can even convert that output to speech:

echo -n "Matthew Stanciu" | aces HhAa | say

With Aces, you can see the actual 0s and 1s of files:

<div class="highlight highlight-source-shell position-relative" data-snippet-clipboard-copy-content="aces 01

aces 01 < $(which echo)