# gitin

gitin is a commit/branch/status explorer for git

gitin is a minimalist tool that lets you explore a git repository from the command line. You can search from commits, inspect individual files and changes in the commits. It is an alternative and interactive way to explore the commit history. Also, you can explore your current state by investigating diffs, stage your changes and commit them.



  • Fuzzy search (type / to start a search after running gitin <command>)
  • Various filters for commit history (e.g. gitin log --author="...")
  • See ahead/behind commits (e.g. gitin log --ahead)
  • Interactive stage and see the diff of files (gitin status then press enter to see diff or space to stage)
  • Commit/amend changes (gitin status then press c to commit or m to amend)
  • Interactive hunk staging (gitin status then press p)
  • Explore branches with useful filter options (e.g. gitin branch press enter to checkout)
  • Convenient UX and minimalist design
  • See more options by running gitin --help, also you can get help for individual subcommands (e.g. gitin log --help)


  • Linux and macOS are supported, haven't tried on Windows.
  • Download latest release from here
  • Or, manually download it with go get -d github.com/isacikgoz/gitin
  • cd into $GOPATH/src/github.com/isacikgoz/gitin
  • build with make install (cmake and pkg-config are required)

Mac using brew

brew tap isacikgoz/gitin
brew install gitin


usage: gitin [<flags>] <command> [<args> ...]

  -h, --help     Show context-sensitive help (also try --help-long and --help-man).
  -v, --version  Show application version.

  help [<command>...]
    Show help.

  branch [<flags>]
    Checkout, list, or delete branches.

  log [<flags>]
    Show commit logs.

    Show working-tree status. Also, stage and commit changes.


  • To set the line size export GITIN_LINESIZE=5
  • To hide help export GITIN_HIDEHELP=true
  • To set find method GITIN_SEARCHMODE=<method> (fuzzy, basic or combined)

Development Requirements

  • Requires gitlib2 v27 and git2go. See the project homepages for more information about build instructions. For gitin you can simply;
    • macOS:
      1. install libgit2 via brew install libgit2 (consider that libgit2.v27 is required)
    • Linux and macOS(if you want to build your own):
      1. download git2go; go get -d gopkg.in/libgit2/git2go.v27
      2. make sure you have cmake, pkg-config and libssl-dev installed
      3. cd into $GOPATH/src/gopkg.in/libgit2/git2go.v27
      4. initialize submodules by running git submodule update --init
      5. change the libigt2 version to your version (in this case its 0.27) in the install script (e.g. nano script/install-libgit2.sh or vim script/install-libgit2.sh) and change LG2VER to 0.27.0
      6. run the script ./script/install-libgit2.sh
  • After these you can download it with go get github.com/isacikgoz/gitin
  • cd into $GOPATH/src/github.com/isacikgoz/gitin and start hacking