A CORS-enabled, no-auth wrapper to NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day Public API: go-apod.herokuapp.com

API Usage


Returns full JSON info about todays picture


GET https://go-apod.herokuapp.com/apod


  "date": "2022-06-20",
  "explanation": "There, just right of center, what is that? The surface of Mars keeps revealing new surprises with the recent discovery of finger-like rock spires. The small nearly-vertical rock outcrops were imaged last month by the robotic Curiosity rover on Mars. Although similar in size and shape to small snakes, the leading explanation for their origin is as conglomerations of small minerals left by water flowing through rock crevices. After these relatively dense minerals filled the crevices, they were left behind when the surrounding rock eroded away.  Famous rock outcrops on Earth with a similar origin are called hoodoos. NASA's Curiosity Rover continues to search for new signs of ancient water in Gale Crater on Mars, while also providing a geologic background important for future human exploration.   Explore Your Universe: Random APOD Generator",
  "hdurl": "https://apod.nasa.gov/apod/image/2206/MarsFingers_Curiosity_1338.jpg",
  "media_type": "image",
  "service_version": "v1",
  "title": "Rock Fingers on Mars",
  "url": "https://apod.nasa.gov/apod/image/2206/MarsFingers_Curiosity_960.jpg"


Returns todays image


  alt="Astronomy Picture of the Day"


Astronomy Picture of the Day

Building and Running


If you haven’t already done so, you’ll need to install Go Lang.

Then clone the repo git clone https://github.com/Lissy93/go-apod.git && cd go-apod

Build / Run

  • Development – go run main.go
  • Production – go build -o bin/apod main.go
  • Testing – go test

Environmental Variables

  • NASA_API_KEY (Required) – Your API Key, you can sign up for one at api.nasa.gov
  • PORT (Optional) – The port to start the web server on, defaults to 8080


Deploy to Heroku


Licensed under MIT, © Alicia Sykes 2022


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