A customisable logger for Go.


go get -u github.com/alexgokhale/logger


This logger offers both default Printf style methods, and a New method to create a new logger with a prefix of your choice.

One key difference between these methods and standard Printf is that a trailing newline is added to the end of the string printed.

Default Methods

name := "Alex"

// Print a critical message (coloured red)
// logger.Fatal acts identically to logger.Critical but calls `os.Exit(1)`
logger.Critical("%s broke something", name)
// Output: [CRIT] [2022-04-01T20:35:20.987] Alex broke something

// Print a warning message (coloured yellow)
logger.Warning("User '%s' missing, skipping entry", name)
// Output: [WARN] [2022-04-01T20:35:20.987] User 'Alex' missing, skipping entry

// Print an informational message (coloured blue)
logger.Info("Connecting to database...")
// Output: [INFO] [2022-04-01T20:35:20.987] Connecting to database...

// Print a success message (coloured green)
logger.Info("Connected successfully!")
// Output: [INFO] [2022-04-01T20:35:20.987] Connected successfully!

// Print a generic log message
logger.Log("Testing %d %d %d!", 1, 2, 3)
// Output: [2022-04-01T20:35:20.987] Testing 1 2 3!

Custom Logger

databaseFile, err := os.Create("database.txt")

if err != nil {

databaseLogger := logger.New("<DATABASE>", databaseFile)

// Output: [INFO] [2022-04-01T20:35:20.987] <DATABASE> Connecting...
databaseLogger.Success("Connected successfully!")
// Output: [INFO] [2022-04-01T20:35:20.987] <DATABASE> Connected successfully!


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