Ritchie CLI is an open source product that allows you to create, store and share any kind of automations, executing them through command lines, to run operations or start workflows.

This repository contains the CLI core, which can execute formulas stored inside other repositories such as ritchie-formulas or ritchie-formulas-demo

In Ritchie's context, a formula is a script that can be executed automatically or interactively through a command line.

Adapting an existing script to Ritchie structure allows you to run it locally or through Docker, and to share it on a Github or Gitlab repository.


Quick start

Install rit

  • Linux|MacOS
curl -fsSL https://commons-repo.ritchiecli.io/install.sh | bash
  • Windows

Download the installer from (https://commons-repo.ritchiecli.io/latest/ritchiecli.msi)

Initialize rit

rit init

Note: You need to import the commons repository to be able to create formulas.

Run your first formula

To access the "hello-world" formula, you'll need to add the ritchie-formulas-demo repository locally. To do so, you can use the rit add repo command, or execute the command line below:

rit add repo --provider="Github" --name="demo" --repoUrl="https://github.com/ZupIT/ritchie-formulas-demo" --priority=1

Then, you'll be able to execute the "hello-world" formula through the command line below:

rit demo hello-world