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A dataviz tool for golang developer which supports most framework

A dataviz tool for golang developer which supports most framework


goAmin is a toolkit help you to build a data visualization and manage platform for your golang app.


account: admin password: admin


  • beautiful admin interface builder powerd by adminlte
  • many plugins to use
  • powerful auth manage system
  • support Most of the go web framework

How to

see the docs for detail


go get -v -u github.com/chenhg5/go-admin

import sql


generate the data model use cli tool

go install github.com/chenhg5/go-admin/admincli

admincli generate -h= -p=3306 -P=root -n=godmin -pa=main -o=./model

gin example

package main

import (
	_ "github.com/chenhg5/go-admin/adapter/gin"

func main() {
	r := gin.Default()

	eng := engine.Default()

	// global config
	cfg := config.Config{
		DATABASE: []config.Database{
				HOST:         "",
				PORT:         "3306",
				USER:         "root",
				PWD:          "root",
				NAME:         "godmin",
				MAX_IDLE_CON: 50,
				MAX_OPEN_CON: 150,
				DRIVER:       "mysql",
		DOMAIN: "localhost", // the domain of cookie which be used when visiting your site.
		PREFIX: "admin",
		// STORE is important. And the directory should has permission to write.
		STORE: config.Store{
		    PATH:   "./uploads", 
		    PREFIX: "uploads",
		LANGUAGE: "en",

    	// Generators: see https://github.com/chenhg5/go-admin/blob/master/examples/datamodel/tables.go 
	adminPlugin := admin.NewAdmin(datamodel.Generators)



More Examples: https://github.com/chenhg5/go-admin/tree/master/examples