Notify arose from my own need for one of my api server running in production to be able to notify me when, for example, an error occurred. The library is kept as simple as possible to allow a quick integration and easy usage.


Any misuse of this library is your own liability and responsibility and cannot be attributed to the authors of this library.

Spamming through the use of this library may get you permanently banned on most supported platforms.


go get -u

Example usage

// The notifier we're gonna send our messages to
notifier := notify.New()

// Create a telegram service. Ignoring error for demo simplicity
telegramService, _ := telegram.New("your_telegram_api_token")

// Passing a telegram chat id as receiver for our messages.
// Basically where should our message be sent to?

// Tell our notifier to use the telegram service. You can repeat the above process
// for as many services as you like and just tell the notifier to use them.
// Its kinda like using middlewares for api servers.

// Send a test message
_ = notifier.Send(
	"Message Subject/Title",
	"The actual message. Hello, you awesome gophers! :)",

Supported services

  • Discord
  • Email
  • Telegram
  • Slack


  • [ ] Add tests (see #1)
  • [ ] Add more notification services


Niko Köser