Gesedels is a stack-based API-only value store written in Go 1.19 by Stephen Malone. It’s designed to be a rock-solid dumpster for plaintext, public, ephemeral data.

The Basics

Terms of Use

  • All endpoints send and receive plaintext strings over SSL.
  • All data is public and can be accessed by anyone with your token.
  • All data is ephemeral and has a finite time-to-live.

Privacy Policy

  • Gesedels only tracks the data you explicitly transmit to us.
  • You can delete your data any time using the DELETE /{token} endpoint.
  • We reserve the right to delete anything nefarious, offensive or illegal.

The Endpoints

  • Endpoints use HTTP codes to indicate their response status.
  • See errors.go for all possible error messages.

GET a New Token

Create and return a new API token.

  • The return value is the created token or an error message.
  • ⚠️ This token is your only method of authentication, so keep it secret.


▸ 200 "2F4wx8Yu8VlwJAGg2rPrpWBo8LR"

DELETE an Existing Token

Delete an existing token and its entire stack.

  • The return value is success or an error message.
  • Deleting a token that does not exist also returns success.
  • ⚠️ Use this wisely, as there is no confirmation and no backup.


▸ 200 "success"

PUSH a New Item

Push an item onto a token’s stack.

  • The return value is the length of the pushed item or an error message.
  • The item must be between one and ten thousand bytes.
  • The stack may have up to one thousand items on it.
  • ⚠️ If a stack goes seven days without a PUSH, it is deleted.

$ POST "ah, push it!"

▸ 200 "12"

GET the Top Item

Pop the top item on a token’s stack.

  • The return value is the popped item or an error message.
  • Popping an empty stack will return an empty string.
  • ⚠️ Tokens with empty stacks are periodically purged.


▸ 200 "ah, push it!"


Please submit all bugs and feature requests to the issue tracker, thank you.


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