Debug tool for Milvus 2.0 project. This tool connects to etcd and inspect some status of the Milvus system.

Get Started


go 1.16 or higher

Install birdwatcher

install with go command

go install

or download source and run with go command

git clone
cd birdwatcher
go build -o birdwatcher main.go

How to use

connect to etcd

❯ birdwatcher
# execute connect command, using default config, equal to connect --etcd localhost:2379 --rootPath by-dev
Offline: connect 
Using meta path: by-dev/meta/
✔ Milvus(by-dev): show collection

connect to remote instance etcd with other basePath

❯ birdwatcher
Offline: connect --etcd [ip]:[port] --rootPath instanceName
Using meta path: instanceName/meta/
✔ Milvus(instanceName): 

inspect some meta

Milvus(by-dev): show collections
Collection ID: 434393323906469185	Collection Name:gosdk_index_example
 - Partition ID:434393323906469186	Partition Name:_default
 - Field ID: 0 	 Field Name: RowID 	 Field Type: Int64
 - Field ID: 1 	 Field Name: Timestamp 	 Field Type: Int64
 - Field ID: 100 	 Field Name: ID 	 Field Type: Int64
	 - Primary Key, AutoID: false
 - Field ID: 101 	 Field Name: Year 	 Field Type: Int32
 - Field ID: 102 	 Field Name: Vector 	 Field Type: FloatVector
	 - Type Param dim: 8
Consistency Level: Strong
✔ Milvus(by-dev): █

backup etcd

Milvus(by-dev): backup --component all
found 37 keys, at revision 533816, starting backup...
Backing up ... 100%(37/37)
backup etcd for prefix by-dev/meta done, stored in file: bw_etcd_ALL.220707-152246.bak.gz


And use help command to check other commands.


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