Build Status

A Decred wallet library written in golang for dcrwallet

Build Dependencies

Go( >= 1.11 ) Gomobile (correctly init’d with gomobile init)

Build Instructions using Gomobile

To build this libary, clone the project

go get -t github.com/Decred-Next/dcrnlibwallet
cd $GOPATH/src/github.com/Decred-Next/dcrnlibwallet/

and run the following commands in dcrlibwallet directory.

export GO111MODULE=on
go mod download
go mod vendor
export GO111MODULE=off
gomobile bind -target=android/amd64 # -target=ios for iOS

dcrlibwallet can be built targeting different architectures of android which can be configured using the -target command line argument Ex. gomobile bind -target=android/arm, gomobile bind -target=android/386

Copy the generated library (dcrlibwallet.aar for android or dcrlibwallet.framewok in the case of iOS) into libs directory(Frameworks for iOS)

export GO111MODULE=on && go mod vendor && export GO111MODULE=off && gomobile bind -target=android/amd64 && cp dcrlibwallet.aar $HOME/workspace/dcrnandroid/app/libs/dcrlibwallet.aar


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