Card Bot


The bot will listen to all messages in the channels it has access to that start with the bots prefix.

The bots default prefix is !h

To run a command, send a message with the following format <prefix> <command_name> <command_arguments>



Command name: heartbeat

Command arguments: none

This command is used to check if the bot is working, and reading messages as it should be. If the bot is online and working, it should reply “I’m alive!”

Find Pokemon card by id

Command name: pkm or pokemon

Command arguments: id <id>

Example: !h pkm id xy1-21 -> This will make the bot reply with the information on the card with id xy1-21

This command will make the bot retrieve the data of a pokemon card by id. In the near future, you will be able to find card information by name, and other paramenters.


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